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Step 1: Preliminary Process

From the moment your accident happens, we’ll be available to assist you in whatever matters necessary. We can help you file your insurance claim and arrange to get you an alternative transportation to use during the repairs.

Step 2: The Estimate Process

We’ll start by performing a comprehensive multi-point inspection to determine related and unrelated damage. After forming an initial estimate based on this preliminary inspection, we’ll disassemble the damaged parts and inspect for any hidden damage, revising the estimate as necessary. All of this will be done in communication with you and your insurance company.

Step 3: The Body and Frame Repair Process

Following the inspection, we will replace or repair panels on your vehicle. We will also address any inner structural components. Before installing the new panels onto your vehicle we apply paint to the inner body components. This ensures complete color coverage on each panel. We then bolt on different outer panels such as bumpers, hood, fender, doors, luggage lid and/or liftgate that will be replaced and aligned, per the estimate and panel to panel gap opening will be set before the vehicle is sent to be painted.

Step 4: The Paint Process

We’ll begin the paint refinishing repair process by sanding away all existing paint and imperfections, returning the part to its original state. We’ll then carefully apply a coat of primer to the part, taking special care not to overspray. After doing so, we apply a layer of paint, and then a layer of clear coat for protection, ensuring that the paint will remain vibrant for a long time. Finally, we buff all the painted surfaces until they are perfectly coated and smooth.

Step 5: The Reassembly Process

After the repairs are complete, we replace all the fenders, bumpers, panels, or parts that were removed, taking special care not to damage any of the newly painted surfaces.

Step 6: The Quality Assurance Process

At this point, your vehicle is almost complete! As a last step, we’ll clean off any dust or residue on your vehicle, taking special care to ensure that your car is completely clean. We’ll then provide a fine detailing to smooth away imperfections and protect the paint so your vehicle can shine for years to come. After a final quality assurance inspection, your car is good to go!